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My photographs are divided into various galleries, which are further divided into albums. To the left is a list of my galleries. When you click on a gallery name, which is yellow in color, it will open. Each gallery consists of a window with the names of the albums running down the left side. The photos are displayed on the right side. To select an album, simply click on its name. (NOTE: You may need to click an album name twice when a gallery first appears; once to activate the gallery window and another to select the album.) Thumbnails for all the images in the album will appear. If there are a lot of photos in an album, the thumbnails may run past the bottom of the gallery window. Simply moving your mouse cursor over the thumbnails and moving downwards will cause the thumbnails to scroll upward. Moving the mouse cursor up will cause the thumbnails to move downward. Clicking the album name again will cause the thumbnails to disappear. Clicking on a different album will cause the open album to close and the clicked one to open.

When viewing a photo in an album, the previous or next photo can be viewed by pressing the left or right arrow key on your keyboard or by clicking the circled left or right arrow icon to the lower right of the gallery window. Alternatively, a specific photo can be selected by clicking its thumbnail. To start a slide show of the photos in the currently selected album, press the space bar on your keyboard or click the circled dot icon to the lower right of the gallery window. Repeating this procedure will stop the slide show. To change albums, use the up or down arrow keys on your keyboard or click the album name to the left of the gallery window.

As new photos are added, new albums and new galleries may be added and existing photos rearranged. The Recent Additions gallery will show you the photos that have been added to the other galleries during the last several months.

If you wish to order prints or license electronic images, please visit my ORDERS page.

Randy C. Finch